Engineering staffing overview

BRG has matched over hundreds of highly skilled engineering and technical experts with top companies throughout the United States. Our business is to know your business, and we pride ourselves on managing an organization’s greatest asset — its people. Our candidates that we present will fully realize their opportunities and partner them with your company for continued success.

What we do

  • Engineering companies Clients turn to BRG  utilizing our engineering and technical staffing support when they are struggling to locate and/or retain expert, hard-to-find talent, have an urgent need for a specific technical expertise, or want to leverage our local and national networks for short- or long-term initiatives.
  • BRG uses a candidate pool of over 3 million. BRG engineering and technical staffing experts are able to draw from an unmatched pool of technical candidates with a database of 3.1 million and a website that receives hundreds of thousands of visits from engineers and technical professionals every month.
  • Technical staffing experts
    BRG has established technical staffing experts that boast 3+ years of experience in technical recruiting for various engineering positions.
  • Full service provider
    engineering and design experts who drive business performance for our clients of all industries with BRG engineering staffing. Our experts expand our clients’ capabilities, generate tangible results, and lead the way in the engineering markets in which they operate.

Our Mission