Black Rock Group

BRG is known for helping hundreds of people all over the country find their dream job.
BRG is the leading recruitment firm specializing in revenue–generating talent. We spend our time networking and talking with highly qualified people so that when our clients are ready to hire, we can easily tap into our extensive network.

Black Rock Clients

BRG has helped many successful organizations build their senior leadership teams.
BRG knows it is not enough to simply identify someone with the right experience. Our goal is to deliver great leaders. It’s a goal that has led us to enhance our proprietary self-assessments that offer insight into a candidate’s leadership style.

Black Rock Candidates

BRG has been helping people achieve professional success by uncovering opportunities unadvertised
BRG is committed to helping our candidates fully realize their opportunities and aspirations by providing you with the expertise, candid communication, and consultative services that will open your avenues for continued success. We employ skilled, dedicated recruiters.